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This calendar is for PRE-ORDER only. Calendars will start shipping out on November 6th.

Welcome to the 2023 Loaded Chocolates Advent Calendar! In this loaded chocolates advent calendar, you will get 24 mini chocolates (5cm x 5 cm x 3.5 cm) all fully loaded or filled so that you can enjoy a fantastic treat each day. They will all be different flavours/designs there will be no repeats. You will also receive a full-sized slab on day 25. 

Advent calendar live streams will start on Monday 6th November lasting a week, and you will be able to see your calendar packed then. The calendar will be shipped the day after it is packed and shipping will take 2-3 days. Closer to the time I will allocate order numbers to each of the lives so you will know what live stream your order is being packed in. It is not suitable for vegetarians, is not gluten free and not suitable for allergys. Each mini chocolate will be either fully loaded or filled, either with just one or a combination of flavors and different Christmas designs to ensure you get the perfect little loaded chocolate treat each day through december. 

Calendar measurements: 55cm x 26cm x 4cm

This is a limited pre-order first come first served and baskets are not held. If you miss out on getting a calendar in the pre order please be aware that the first half of the week begining the 6th November I will be packing advent pre orders and the second half of the week I will have a very limited number available on TikTok shop so if you miss out during the pre order this will be the only other opportunity to grab one. 

When they launch on tiktok shop i will have options available for those of you who have a vegitarian, halal, or gluten free diet.